Why are warranty plans a great option for people on a budget?

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Warranties are great because they will help you the most when you need it. If you’re like me you probably spend $600-$1200 dollars a year to keep insurance on your vehicle. That’s a lot of money considering the fact that you may never ever need to use it. Vehicle Warranty is just like that accident damage coverage. It enables you to get unexpected vehicle repairs covered without costing you money out of pocket when you least expect it!

So what’s covered? Most companies offer a basic Drive Train warranty and than an extended parts coverage. So what consists of drive train components? Typically your Engine/Headgasket and Transmission/Differential and four wheel drive components. What does that mean? Well if you come out to your vehicle and you start it up and the engine “pops” you will be covered. If you come out to your driveway and your car stops going into reverse you will be covered.

Well what if I want to have more parts covered what can I expect? Most used car warranty companies will cover the additional parts revolving around the function of your vehicle. This will included the following: starting and charging system, air conditioning and heating, Steering Components, Electronic Control Module / Transmission Module / and other electrical components and possibly a lot more.

I highly recommend you consider an extended warranty especially when financing a used vehicle. Your vehicle may be entitled to a warranty that would last the length of your loan. That is great because you would have mechanical coverage from start to finish. Typical increase in payment ranges from $20-$30 dollars per month. This is of little inconvenience the day you need to utilize your protection plan and get a large repair made. I know that I can afford $30 per month, but a $2,000 dollar engine replacement could having me dipping into any savings I may have.

No one ever talks about what warranty programs are not. They are NOT maintenance plans. They do not cover maintenance items such as the following: oil changes, other automotive fluids, brakes, rotors, windshield wipers, coolant, tires, on a manual transmission vehicle the clutch.

Did you know that the warranty can also add resale value? Why would it add value you ask? Well our warranties are transferable to the next owner of the vehicle. This enables you the seller to offer a used vehicle with an extended warranty. This could help you sell your vehicle faster or for additional money verse other like vehicles.

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